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Our Philosophy

The sports ecosystem is an interacting environment consisting of athletes, fans, employees, sponsors, media, politics and nature. Those who want to assert themselves here need a holistic sustainability strategy that encompasses more than just sporting objectives. Because if any part of this ecosystem is neglected in the long term, the sport cannot survive. It is important for us to define together with our clients what role they want to and can play in view of the social, ecological and economic challenges of our time, and to draw the right strategic conclusions from this.

We are optimistic about the future of sports, even if it is uncertain. Because we can positively influence the present with our actions.

You can also read our white paper on sustainability in sports to find out more about our philosophy.

“An optimist

is someone who believes that the future

is uncertain.”

        — Howard Lindsay


We take pride in offering the most suitable service depending on our customers’ needs. That’s why we work with a network of experts – our Sustainability Coaches – whom we draw on selectively and based on the project in question. These coaches include, among others:


In spring 2020, Nico decided to pursue his passions – sustainability and sports. After a year filled with training and valuable insights, he founded The Sustainability Coach


Vanessa has been advising sports organizations in Germany with her company since the end of 2019 and implements authentic sustainability strategies with them. Her clients include FC Bayern Munich, DEL 2 or the recently held European Championships in Munich 2022.

Daniel Cade.png

Daniel was involved in UEFA’s sustainability strategy development for years. Currently he works with the Irish Football Association as well as the International Biathlon Union and World Taekwondo. His focus areas are Education, Impact Measurement und Reporting.


After more than 18 years in the international retail and FMCG world, the French native made a radical career change. Today, she works as a sustainability consultant in Western Switzerland and supports companies on their way to B Corp certification.


Jörg accompanies sports organizations into a sustainable future together with the Federal Environment Agency in Austria.
He was in charge of creating a self-test, which has already been used by hundreds of clubs and associations.

Sustainability Coach


Hockey Club Davos & Spengler Cup
Based on an analysis of the current situation, the priorities in terms of sustainability for the club and for the traditional tournament were worked out. With the help of our own website, we set out where we stand with regard to ecological, economic and social issues. In addition, we have drawn up a first CO2 balance, joined the climate project “Davos 2030”, raised over CHF 3,000 for Ukraine refugees in an upcycling campaign and held the first ever sustainability game in Swiss ice hockey on February 4, 2023.
Swiss Ski
Together with the company “acting responsibly”, we are currently developing a guideline for organizers of snow sports events that will help to identify and address the key sustainability issues. The guide will be used in particular at the biathlon, freestyle and ski world championships that will be held in Switzerland in the next few years.
Swiss Cycling
The Swiss Cycling Federation wants to take a pioneering role in sustainability. In a sport that promises a lot of sustainability per se, but is repeatedly discredited by side effects such as air travel or motorized tour hawsers. 
A sustainability strategy has already been formulated. Now, together with “acting responsibly”, I’m helping the federation get a better overview of their CO2 emissions so they can introduce targeted measures to reduce them.
Schweizerischer Handballverband
In 2022, the Handball Association decided to anchor the topic of sustainability in its organizational structures. A person who takes care of the topic of participation was hired, and together with her I am now in the process of formulating a sustainability strategy. This is based on a survey that we conducted with various stakeholders last year.
DAS GRÜNE TRIKOT is a national campaign supported by ENERGIE SCHWEIZ, (Raiffeisen) and the Ringier Media Group, among others. Its goal is to improve the energy efficiency of over 18,000 sports clubs. To achieve this, these sports clubs are supported professionally, financially and medially in order to make a valuable contribution to achieving the Energy Strategy 2050. 

As a consultant, I have so far been able to visit four clubs and make recommendations for improvements in the ecological area.
Hochschule Luzern (HSLU) und Fachhochschule Graubünden (FHGR)
What began with a guest lecture as part of the CAS Sustainable Management at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts ultimately led to the supervision of two final theses. These were about the sustainable event management of the music event Energy Air and the athletics meeting Weltklasse Zürich and its sustainability communication. I also had the opportunity to give two input presentations at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden. Just like isolated webinars in Switzerland and Austria, they were also an enriching experience.
Through my collaboration with acting responsibly, I came into my work for the RESPONSIBALL association. This has been doing ESG rankings for football clubs for more than 10 years, showing in which areas of sustainability they have the greatest opportunities for improvement. My role at RESPONSIBALL focuses on supporting communication issues, improving the index and collaborating with other exponents from the ESG sports world, especially in England. I have also been more influential in the Sport4Refugees project, which was launched through RESPONSIBALL.
Since 2022, “Sport4Refugees” has offered the opportunity to bring refugees together with sports clubs via an online platform. “Sport4Refugees” takes care of the technical coordination, the training of the participating clubs and a large part of the administrative work. Currently, we have over 300 registered refugees, 12 clubs and 4 associations supporting our project. I help to set up the platform and support the project manager. I also take care of the financing in the form of foundation applications.
Together with a team led by former professional ice hockey player and current filmmaker Riccardo Signorellden, we want to help make the sport of ice hockey more energy-efficient, provide more training opportunities for young people, and give people in warmer climates the opportunity to play the game with the black hard rubber disc.
Upcycling with Social Fabric
I worked closely with Ruth Kipping’s team, especially in the weeks and months following the outbreak of the Ukraine war. Social Fabric helped to sew shopping bags and gym bags from hundreds of no longer used HCD, ZSC Lions and SC Küsnacht jerseys, which we then sold as part of a collection campaign.


As a young and innovative company, we know about the possibilities and potentials of collaborations. That’s why we are very pleased to work with various organizations and ventures to shape the future of sports together.

French sports clothing manufacturer Nolt is active in the field of sustainable sports wear and covers both team and performance gear. Some of the products we have co-created can be found in our shop. With Acting Responsibly and Responsible Sport we work on several projects with sports associations and in the field of eduction. And with our Austrian colleagues from, we regularly exchange ideas about current trends in the sustainability sector. They have developed an informative self-test for sports organizations.


In order to stay informed internationally and to be able to exchange ideas with like-minded people, we have joined various networks. Through them, we participate in events and open doors for each other where possible.

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