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Sustainable Sporting Goods

The core of our services is to understand the demands and needs of sports organizations and help them to incorporate sustainability aspects into their daily sports activities. Entering the sporting goods trade, let alone production, was never our goal. And yet we realized that it can help to understand what is meant by sustainability in sports if you can break it down to individual products.


Our products are produced by selected partners who stand for transparency, fair working conditions and a careful use of resources. The products shown below should serve as inspiration. We offer clubs the opportunity to have their no longer used materials converted into new products by taking over the production and implementation process.

Jersey Upcycling

Sports jerseys are usually made of polyester, an oil-based fabric that is correspondingly bad for the environment. To avoid throwing away jerseys that are no longer needed, we work with Social Fabric and the Martin Foundation, which recycle these jerseys.

These two social ventures provide meaningful work for refugees and people with mental disabilities. Together we have developed a selection of useful everyday products that can be made from jerseys of any sport.

gym bag

A small, lightweight backpack for your everyday adventures.

CHF 40.00 

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For your sports items, pens or make-up utensils.

CHF 25.00 

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shoe bag

Easy to wash, perfect for any (sports) shoe.

CHF 25.00 
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Show your true colours.

CHF 10.00 
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A true statement, robust and with ample space.

CHF 30.00 
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Because skates need protection sometimes.

CHF 25.00 (set) 
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Trikot Upcycling

Ice Hockey Powered by NOLT

The French sporting goods brand NOLT uses plastic from the sea to produce team outfits for various sports such as handball, tennis, football, rugby and running in Portugal. Together we worked on the development of ice hockey jerseys and gauntlets, which can be individually refined.

And to close the cycle: As soon as you want to replace the jerseys, NOLT takes the old ones back and makes them into little plastic cones, which can be used in summer training or for leisure use.

Eishockey powered by Nolt
Jersey “PRO”

For ambitious teams with high aspirations. 

ab CHF 60.00 
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jersey “cup”

For practice or for shinny leagues.  

ab CHF 45.00 
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The perfect match for your jerseys.

ab CHF 30.00 
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Ice hockey upcycling

Ice hockey is an extremely material-intensive sport. All the equipment from skates to helmets, plus rolls of tape and of course expensive, carbon-based poles that, in the worst case scenario, can break on the first use. There are practically no recycling options for sticks. But there are creative minds who make new products out of broken sticks. You can order a selection here.

Eishockey Upcycling

Broken sticks get a second life for their next mission on or off the ice.

CHF 40.00

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The ideal companion for your next BBQ. Stick shafts turned into tongs, including a bottle opener.

CHF 50.00

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A must have for any hockey family. These stylish openers are robust and never miss a beat.

CHF 20.00

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